The Harmonious Pen’Woman’

Hi everyone!  Wait…hello?? Is there anyone out there?  Considering I’m new to blogging it’s likely very few people will read The Harmonious Pen’Woman’ but I hope those that do find it informative as well as enjoyable.

Now, what will I write?  History of course!  And considering my writing is a little dark you can expect to come across an article or two on the topic of murder, especially serial killers.  Future blogs will also highlight some of the research I’ve completed while writing my books.  Some posts will be me complaining about this and that, but I’ll try to keep it positive!  I’m also seriously addicted to yoga so that topic is bound to pop up.  Oh and horses!  I love horses.

I hope that you will pop by and check out the blog from time to time.  Look forward to seeing you.

By the way, just so you know, I don’t take myself too serious.  So lets have fun!