About Glenda

I love books.  Always have.  I remember one Halloween I dressed up as The Hunchback of Nortre-dame.  I wore a mask that completely covered my face.  It was so much fun as I wasn’t recognized until  ‘spare’ class when I pulled out a historical romance to read.  The drive to read still compels me today but I typically do it my p.j’s and in my bed as opposed to dressed as an fictional character.  (Oh and I’m not in high-school anymore.  Just so you know.)

The love of writing began at a very young age.  I wrote daily in journals, scribbling about new crushes, favorite horses and annoying sisters.  I did this faithfully till my early 20’s when babies came along to bless our lives and suck time into a vortex where mommy and daddy forget who they are.  The cool part is I still have every one of those diaries and now that the kids have grown very little time is sucked away into a vortex.

I bring to my writing 20 years of working with people.  Romance is after all, written about people and their struggles.  During my years of experience working within the Disability sector, specifically as a Career and Employment Counsellor, I’ve met many amazing people who embody the indefinable human spirit.  Most of these people experience barriers to employment such as the onset of a mental health disability, injury, stroke.  I was blessed to see people at their best while mourning the loss of a career and deciding on a new one.  I also experienced people at their worst offering another prospective, one of stubbornness and suffering in the face of life altering change.

I live in Alberta Canada with my incredibly support husband Dean, my two adult kids, Darian and Mackenzie, a Beagle named Champ, a lab named Kynder and of course the Bengal named Vinny.

I would love for you to check out my blog, The Harmonious Pen’Woman’.



Glenda Elder Family

Glenda Elder Family

Glenda has written three historical romance set in the early 1800’s.  In her books you will find romance with strong, independent heroines who are ahead of their time, Alpha heroes, serial killers, and intrigue.   You can typically find Glenda with fingers tapping on the key board, chasing after Kynder and Champ as they run down the road after the foxes, riding behind her sweet hubby on their touring bike, or practicing art.  She would love to hear from you.  Do you like her site?  Are you interested in reading her books?  Or just want to say hello?  Please use the form below.  Glenda looks forward to hearing from you.