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Dark Whispers, is a three book series

  • Run Away Book One: Main characters of this book, are Donavan Fortworth, Duke of Wiltshorn, Anna Alary, Lady Davenport.
  • Storms End Book Two : The main characters are Donavan’s brother Lord Dartmouth, Marcus Fortworth, and Rebecca Relland.
  • Love De Nova Book three: Features Jonathon Alary, Earl of Davenport Anna’s brother, and Lady Elizabeth Halcombe.

A killer, bent on revenge, begins to hallucinate.  He discovers that he loves to see the light in their eyes fade as he kills.   But there are times he is lost to delusions that plague him and he can’t seem to get close enough to kill the people that really matter.

The three books tell the story of a man who is slowly begins to lose sanity.  Frustrated in his attempts to murder anyone close to the Duke he begins to murder more often.  Colleagues begin to get in the way and mistakes are made.

Not only driven to hurt the Fortworth he focuses his attention on Elizabeth who he is sure is the Devils spawn.  He is confident in his decision after Elizabeth gets in the way by tripping over Lord Bellsworth, right after he’d murdered him!  Add to his anger he knows that Elizabeth’s stepfather, a judge, hung his best friend.

The killer dances through bouts of sanity and delusions.  His hate grows and he continues to kill but finally the authorities identify a pattern to all the murdered women and begged the king for help.

The series follows the lives of stubborn, strong and independent woman who push society’s expectations miles past what is tolerated.  These women experience the reality of loss, trauma and the light of love as they meet and marry their heroes.

But happy ever after doesn’t always mean it isn’t challenging.

Run Away:  Set in England in 1808 .

Anna has a secrete.  She is the daughter of an exiled Earl and was brutally raped. Since then she has been content to live her life as a respected companion.

Donavan, Duke of Wiltshorne, is a little irritated at his mother for rescuing such a stubborn, un-lady woman who happens to rides in breeches.  Yet there is something about her stunning curls that fascinate him.  This is bound to get in the way of his plans to marry a docile lady who will be happy to stay out of his hair.

A killer, bent on revenge, stalks Anna as the couple’s passion becomes all consuming.  Caught red-handed they are trapped in an engagement.

Forced to face her past, Anna decides to run.  She makes her way to America in hopes of finding her brother and answers.

Not aware of that Anna is pregnant Donavan tells himself he should cut his losses and be grateful their affair hadn’t reached the gossipers.  Anna was, after all, the opposite of docile.  So why has he decided to chase his runaway bride to be?

Together walls are broken, secretes are exposed and a serial killer begins a journey to madness.


Storms End  set in England in 1808  Marcus and Rebecca’s story

more to come


Love De Nova  Set in England 1810  Jonathon and Elizabeth’s story

Elizabeth doesn’t believe that her stepfather could be the famous serial killer stalking London’s streets, but after she trips over the dead body of her almost suitor she begins to see far too many links to be considered a coincidence.  Now she finds herself relying on the arrogant Earl of Dartmouth to help clear her family name.  As a self-titled spinster she isn’t worried about her reputation but she has three younger siblings she must protect.

The Earl of Dartmouth, Jonathon Alary, is sure that love does not come twice in one lifetime.  Newly restored to his title and home, he is content to help the crown when needed and live his life in peace since the passing of his wife.  Sent to London to find a serial murderer he finds himself distracted and caught up in clearing Elizabeth’s family from any connection to the body she tripped over.

The serial killer stalking the family has branched out.  He kills for another purpose as well as to seek revenge on the Fortworth family.  Jonathon has been asked by the king to find the murderer.

Jonathon and Elizabeth are thrown together among murder and mystery.  Jonathon comes to realize that he is lucky enough to have found two extraordinary and very different women in one lifetime.  Elizabeth realizes that even the best laid plans can become ungovernable.  Consumed by passion and terrified that she is losing herself she is forced to face the realization that it’s okay to need someone else.


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